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With the fast and frantic lifestyle many of us now lead, taking your car in for a service or MOT can be an unwanted inconvenience which forces you to take time out of a hectic daily schedule. Fortunately, here at Victoria Motors we can carry out an MOT on your vehicle whilst you wait at the garage which removes the hassle of having to drop your vehicle off before picking it up again later on.

we do also offer a collection and delivery service of your vehicle please call to arrange this or fill out the request form.

Our service here is quick and efficient as we strive to complete the whole test in the alloted time frame to get you back out on the road. As well as providing a swift service, we make sure not to miss anything e.nsuring your vehicle is safe to drive.

We work in a fully fitted garage that is stocked with the latest tools and equipment so the required tests and potential repairs can be completed with ease. Furthermore, our mechanics are vastly experienced and have worked on cars from all of the leading manufacturers, so you can rest assured that we know every model inside out.


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